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Security Officers

There is a team of uniformed Security Officers on each of the three watches. They receive advance training in de-escalation, crisis management, and self-defense. Their key responsibilities and duties include:

  • Patrols campus buildings and grounds, including medical facilities, to observed security breaches or unsafe conditions.  Answer disturbance calls, alarms and initiates response action necessary to protect lives and property.
  • Directs individuals away from unauthorized areas of unsafe conditions, responds quickly to emergencies, and summons law enforcement authorities to make arrests and to restore peace and order when unlawful or hazardous conditions require control by police authority.
  • Dispatch calls using radio; pages staff; prepares visitor and/or parking passes; controls personnel access by monitoring the identification of individuals entering controlled areas.
  • Responds to emergency situation and drills; administers emergency first aid or CPR; performs fire control duties at small fires, immediately notifying responsible parties and removing individuals from area.
  • Controls and directs traffic and enforces parking regulations on grounds, issues warnings.
  • Enforces non-smoking policy on grounds, issue warnings, and citations when applicable.
  • Interviews witnesses, writes detailed narrative reports; maintains daily activity reports; records visitor’s names, confirms identity, issue passes, and escorts individuals within secured area.  Unlocking gates, doors; may drive patrol car while making rounds.
  • Searches for and attempts to locate missing individuals; notifies law enforcement authorities as required.
  • Manages conflict through negotiation.
  •  Subdues individuals who exhibit aggressive behavior to restore peace and order.
  • In primarily medical settings:
    • May transport high risk patients to other clinics and heath care areas, performs patient escorts, in ambulance and/or medical transport vehicles.  In addition, transport and secure patient valuables.
    • May subdue patients to allow for the application of medication or physical restraints; assist in the application of four point restraints to high risk patients; perform special duty watch.
    • May provide “stand-by” services for active suicidal or homicidal clients on a clinical unit.
    • May aid in the search for and return of escaped or absconded patients.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.