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Timely and Emergency Notifications

The university is required to issue Timely Warning Notices (TWNs) for Clery Act crimes that occur on UIC’s Clery geography that are reported to Campus Security Authorities or local police agencies and are considered by the university to represent a threat to students and employees. Crimes that are reported to a licensed mental health counselor or pastoral counselor in the context of a privileged (confidential) communication are not subject to the TWN requirements.

In the event a Clery Act crime is reported within UIC’s Clery Geography, that, in the judgment of a designated university authority, constitutes a serious or continuing threat to students or employees, the university will issue a TWN to the entire campus community.  TWNs will be issued via an all-campus email headed “[URGENT] Public Safety Advisory,” and may also be reported by the news media”.

In contrast, Emergency Notifications are issued in the event of a serious crime in progress, weather emergency, disease outbreak, or other urgent situations. Emergency Notifications are intended to anticipate a potential future threat, whereas, a TWN is meant to report on incidents that have already occurred.

You are strongly encouraged to sign up for UIC ALERT by visiting Annual re-enrollment is not required, and up to three mobile phone numbers can be added to receive notifications. We encourage you to add the phone number of a parent, family member, or friend to receive UIC ALERT messages.