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Security Camera FAQs

Q. Do the UIC Police actively monitor all cameras on campus?
A.  No, It is impossible for us to actively monitor over 1,000 cameras.

Q. Do the UIC Police record audio on the cameras?
A.  No, that is against the law.

Q. If I feel that I’m being followed on the UIC security cameras, who should I report this to?
A.  The UIC Police department: or Office of Access and Equity:

Q. How long is the recording stored?
A.  Recordings are stored for 30 days, then are recorded over if no crime or suspicious activity has been reported in that area.

Q. Who is responsible for updating this policy?
A.  The UIC Police Department, with approval of the Chancellor.

Q. Why is this policy being developed now?
A.  To ensure that our current efforts to address safety on campus are met.

Q: Will cameras be used to issue traffic citations?
A.  No.

Q: Can I request to view footage of myself or personal property?
A.  No, these requests will be denied.

Q: Will all areas under surveillance have signs posted?
A.  No, not all areas. However, some areas will specify video recording is taking place.

Q. If I am involved in an incident, can I view the video recordings?
A.  No. only police personnel will review the video recordings. However, if you are working with the UIC police investigative team, you may be asked to review your incident for investigative purposes.

Q. Could students, faculty, or staff be subject to disciplinary action based on observations made on video?
A.  Yes, if it is linked to a security or law enforcement violation. However, a formal report must be made for the video to be reviewed.

Q. To whom should I address questions and/or concerns?
A.  The UIC Police department at

Q. Who is responsible for paying for cameras?
A.  The campus is responsible for purchasing the general area outdoor cameras. The exit and entrance doors and interior cameras are the responsibility of colleges, units and/or departments.