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Bicycle/Electronics Registration

Bicycle Theft and Registration Program Heading link

The Bicycle Registration Program was developed in 1993 as part of the Community Affairs/Crime Prevention program. Its purpose is to increase campus community awareness of the problem of bicycle theft and encourage the registration of as many bikes as possible to facilitate the recovery of stolen bicycles. Bicycles are registered through the community affairs officer and information is distributed throughout campus. In addition, signs are posted throughout campus, ads routinely appear in campus newspapers, and a master plan is maintained for campus bicycle parking sites, lighting, and signage. Bicycles are jointly registered with the UIC Police Department and the Chicago Police Department.

To register your bicycle, please submit the online registration form,  On the following page, you can select if you’re registering a stolen or non-stolen bicycle. Please note that your UIC bicycle tag will be mailed to the address you list on this form.

To find out about a stolen bike, call the UIC Police Department at (312) 996-2830.

Registering Electronic Devices Heading link

The UIC Police Department also offers all community members the opportunity to register your electronic devices with the department. Just fill out the following form and the completed document will be saved in UICPD records.

Insurance companies often require this information if you make any kind of claim if your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer were damaged or stolen from your residence. Registering your device makes it simple to provide documentation to your insurance company, and UICPD is considered a trusted information source.

In the event that your device is stolen, the UIC Police Department will need the serial number to identify the device as yours. In addition to the serial number, the department captures the MAC/IMEI address which provides an avenue to digitally track the location and use of the device.

To register your electronic devices, please submit the online registration form.