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Complaint FAQs

The University of Illinois Chicago Police Department is dedicated to providing the best police service to all citizens. Employees are carefully selected and trained to provide this service to the community. It is department policy to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by employees in order to determine the merit and substance of the complaint.

Filing a complaint against a University of Illinois Chicago Police Department employee:

When a citizen has a complaint against a department employee (sworn or civilian), the complaint may be filed in person, directly to a department supervisor at the police department or you may use the online complaint form. Complaints will also be accepted in any format.

Who is responsible for investigating complaints?
In most cases, the employee’s immediate supervisor will conduct the preliminary investigation and forward their findings to the Office of Internal Affairs to ensure that a thorough and fair investigation is completed. The final disposition of each case will be reviewed by members of the department’s Command Staff. The Chief of Police is ultimately responsible for all disciplinary decisions of UICPD employees.

Will the department employee know that a complaint has been made against him or her?
The department member has the right to know the nature of the charges and the person making the allegation/complaint, if known.

How long will the investigation take?
Whenever possible, the investigation will be concluded within 30-60 days unless unusual circumstances warrant an extension. The department will make every effort to keep the complainant advised of the progress of the investigation. Once the investigation has concluded, the complainant will be notified.

What if an allegation/complaint turns out to be false?
If a complaint is made on a good faith belief of truth and the department member is later exonerated, the case will be ended. However, if it is determined that the allegation was false or intended to discredit or embarrass the department member, the case will be unfounded and the employee will not be disciplined.

What types of complaints will not be taken?
Complaints alleging disagreements on traffic tickets, parking tickets, or probable cause for an arrest are examples of complaints that may not be taken. These decisions are for the Court to make and not normally subject to review by the University of Illinois Chicago Police Department. If the person making the complaint is under the influence of an intoxicating substance or while a person is being processed for an arrest. Arrestees will be provided information on how to file a complaint but will be instructed to return after they are released from custody.

What will happen to the department member in question?
If, after a complete investigation, it is determined that the allegation is substantiated, the discipline will be dependent on the seriousness of the infraction. Disciplinary actions may range from an oral reprimand to suspension, or in extreme cases, termination.

Will I be told how the complaint was resolved?
Yes. Both the complainant and the accused employee(s) are notified of the results of the investigation and the disposition of the case. Because of privacy laws, you will be advised of the outcome of the case but not of the specific facts of the investigation. It is possible that parts of the complaint may be sustained, and other parts not sustained.

You may use the online Complaint Form or you may respond to the University of Illinois Chicago Police Department and speak to the on-duty Watch Commander to make a complaint against a police officer or police employee.

All complaints that are brought to the attention of UICPD will be reviewed, however, the cooperation of the complainant is vital to the investigative process.