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Shots Fired

This video is for the use of UIC students, staff, faculty and other employess with a UIC NETID and password. Link is located at bottom of page.

“Shots Fired On Campus” provides the individual student with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation
With the recent attacks in Mumbai, India , it is appropriate to turn our thoughts to our own personal safety. While there have been horrific incidents on college campuses, we are safer on campus than off campus (according to several sources including the U.S. Department of Justice)

 Taking personal responsibility for one’s safety is essential for creating a safe climate for all. Recently, UICPD became aware of an excellent educational video called "Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes." It demonstrates how to respond to an active shooter on campus. Directions are given to Faculty, Staff, and Students. 

Shots fired are the last sounds you'd expect to hear on a college campus. Unfortunately, this contemporary, violent event is occurring in our schools with catastrophic results.  Although there has been a dramatic increase in preventive measures, prevention systems can never be perfect.  Research shows that in those initial, heart-stopping moments, the first instinctive responses to gunfire are startle and fear.  Through training, students can overcome these emotions and learn they have what it takes to survive when their life is on the line.

The Center for Personal Protection and Safety are responsible for this instructional DVD and training program designed to empower students with knowledge and strategies for preventing and surviving an active shooter situation.  Mr. Steve Romano, retired Chief of the Crisis Negotiation Unit for the FBI, observed throughout his career that "Survivors make a commitment. They take a personal stake in their own safety and security. They do whatever it takes emotionally and mentally to survive a critical incident."  With this training program, students will learn how to look at their unique campus environment through the lens of survival. 
Shots Fired on Campus includes training on the following topics:

  • Recognizing pre-incident indicators ("red flags") in the workplace

  • The survival mind set, a belief that you can take control and survive

  • Courses of action during an active shooter incident


Video is in REAL MEDIA format and a REAL MEDIA player must be installed in order to view this video. You will be asked for a password. Use your NETID (name before @uic.edu, adding @uic.edu will give you an error message) and UIC password in order to view this video in accordance to UICPD's liscense agreement with its distributor.

Access video here.






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