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Service Activity

The majority of police agency activity is service in nature. We refer to these services as miscellaneous activity.

In 2010, among many types of calls, the department:

  • Responded to 2410 Startel Alarms.

  • Responded to 1709 panic, security and trouble alarms.

  • Responded to 169 fire alarms.

  • Responded to 714 assist-other-police-agency calls.

  • Completed 58814 foot patrols and premise checks of campus property.

  • Investigated 1162 complaints of suspicious persons, vehicles or activity.

  • Responded to 345 patient-assist calls.
  • Completed 853 hours of citizen contacts through community contacts hosting a total of 51,360 attendants
  • Completed 1110 offense reports

  • Conducted 238 follow up investigations
  • Affected 493 total arrests
  • Issued 1264 parking citations
  • Issued 1835 moving citations

    Crime statistics data for educational institutions across the country are available to the public at http://ope.ed.gov/SECURITY/Search.asp

    UIC crime statistics are available at http://www.uic.edu/uic/studentlife/campus/safety-stats-chicago.shtml

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