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Safety Tips

Being alert and using common sense are the best ways to prevent crime from happening to you and those around you. continued vigilance are necessary to help you from becoming a victim of a crime. By taking a few simple steps you can reduce the possibility of becoming a victim.

Residence Halls

While thefts, robberies and other unlawful activity occur at a relatively low rate, following basic crime prevention tips will assist in mitigating the risk of becoming a victim. When entering the residence halls please adhere to all rules and guidelines of access.DO NOT ALLOW STRANGERS OR UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS INTO CONTROLLED AREAS. Make sure that you lock your doors and windows when leaving your room. A majority of our reported thefts from residence rooms occur when the victim has left to go to the bathroom, visit a friend or a variety of other reasons for an relatively short amount of time. lastly it is very imperative that any and all suspicious persons be reported IMMEDIATELY to UICPD. a delay could mean the difference in preventing an unlawful act or apprehending the offender during a crime. When in doubt CALL.

If your windows or doors do not lock properly contact your RA immediately for repairs

.Keep valuables out of plain view. Never loan your keys to anyone.

Keep curtains and blinds closed at night.

Install a light timer for use when not occupying your room.

Always identify anyone before allowing them into your room.

Never tape your door lock or use door jams, you may forget when you leave your room.

Keep your backpacks in your room when dinning, designated backpack spaces are rarely monitored and leaving them unattended is an invitation for theft.

Purchase a plastic key chain coil to secure your keys when showering.

Engrave all high dollar valuables with a personal identification such as initials and last 4 of social. If you do not have an engraver contact Officer Moran at (312) 996-6779

Street Sense

Be alert to your surroundings. however possible travel with a friend. Walk closely to the curb and avoid doorways, bushes, alleys and other areas where someone could hide. If you carry a purse, your personal safety may dictate how tightly you cling to it. During cooler weather carry your purse underneath your outer garment. If someone snatches it, let it go. It is easier to replace material items verses sustaining bodily injury from a purse snatcher. You may also want to carry our keys in your hand to be used as a defense aid in case of an attack. When traveling on campus PLEASE use one of the over 1200 startels on campus if you see something suspicious or feel threatened. Add UICPD emergency number (312) 355-5555 to your cell phone.

Other safety tips

During the holidays and after parties one should always know there limitations regarding alcohol consumption. Many crimes against persons occur after hours involving victims who clearly show signs of inebriation. When going out always go with a friend.

When securing your bike only use one of the designated bike racks. Secure your bike with a combination of cable as well as hardened steel locking devices. Most companies offer an insurance grantee if your bike is stolen. Research and chose your locks wisely as you do your bike. REGISTER your bike immediately apon purchase.

When parking your car ALWAYS find a well lit and well traveled area. Never leave anything of value insight. Also remember that an area that is well traveled or ideally illuminated during the day may not be at night if your working late.





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