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UIC Night Ride

The UIC Night Ride Service provides after-hours transportation to University students, faculty, staff, and authorized individuals with a valid UIC i-card between University facilities and points of public transportation or resident facilities within a designated area. Dispatched to pick-up points and discharging passengers to requested sites within general boundaries, the Night Ride Service supplements the campus bus route, which has time and place constraints.

The vehicles used for this service, particularly known as the “Night Rides”, operate within these general boundaries: Clinton Street on the east; Western Avenue on the west; Jackson Boulevard on the north; 16th Street on the south.

The Night Ride Service operates between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. seven days a week. No pets are allowed in the vehicle. Eating in vehicles is also prohibited.

Students who are seriously inebriated will not be allowed transportation. Drivers reserve the right to deny service to any passengers who become overtly belligerent, violent, or otherwise begin to present danger to themselves, other passengers, or the driver. An ambulance will be summoned for students that are nonresponsive or in conditions that indicate the possibility of alcohol poisoning.


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