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Following is a listing of programs initiated and provided by the University of Illinois at Chicago Police Department for the university community and surrounding neighborhood.

Types of Patrols

Members of the UIC Police Department regularly patrol and monitor the University campuses and the surrounding neighborhoods using varied and/or multiple methods best suited to a specific environment. These have been covered in detail in previous sections and include:

Commanding Officer of Operations Section:

The C. O. of Operations Section is a sworn officer with a rank of Lieutenant or higher who has command responsibility for the operations of the watches.

Community Policing Officers :

Sworn personnel (Police Officers or Supervisors) specifically trained in the techniques of Community Policing and Bicycle Patrol.

Community Policing Watch Sergeant :

The Watch Community Policing Sergeant will be responsible for the development and for monitoring the implementation of the watch specific Community Policing Strategy.

Field Supervisor:

A field supervisor is a Police Sergeant working under the direction of his/her Watch Commander in the supervision of field patrol officers.

Hospital Officer:

The Hospital Officer is detailed to the UIC Hospital to ensure the safety and security of that building and to develop policing strategies that are consistent with the goals of the Campus Watch Plan.

Rapid Response Officers:

Officers assigned to a watch to provide immediate back-up to zone officers and to provide additional support to the patrol function as determined by the Watch Commander.

Tactical Response Officers:

Police officers designated by the Watch Commander or higher authority to address specific problems of safety and security within the University or surrounding community.

Traffic Officers:

Police officers assigned to enforce traffic laws within the Patrol Boundaries of the University or to address University problems specific to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Watch Commander:

The Watch Commander directs all police, security, and telecommunications functions during his/her duty hours unless relieved by higher authority.

Project SHARP

The Strategic Holiday Adoption and Random Patrol (SHARP) Program was begun to provide directed patrol to areas identified as having a higher risk of problems during the holidays. Department personnel are given specific assignments, based upon crime patterns traditionally associated with holiday schedules and activities.


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