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3. Items to have on hand for an extended stay at home:


Examples of food and non-perishables

Examples of medical, health, and

emergency supplies

  • Ready-to-eat canned meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, beans, and soups


  • Protein or fruit bars


  • Dry cereal or granola


  • Peanut butter or nuts


  • Dried fruit


  • Crackers


  • Canned juices


  • Bottled water


  • Canned or jarred baby food and formula


  • Pet food


  • Other non-perishable foods


  • Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose and blood-pressure monitoring equipment


  • Soap and water, or alcohol-based (60-95%) hand wash


  • Medicines for fever, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen


  • Thermometer


  • Anti-diarrhea medication


  • Vitamins


  • Fluids with electrolytes


  • Cleansing agent/soap


  • Flashlight


  • Batteries


  • Portable radio


  • Manual can opener


  • Garbage bags


  • Tissue, toilet paper, disposable diapers
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