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Community Affairs

The department’s community affairs program is managed by the Protective Services Section lieutenant. One full-time community affairs officer is assigned to this program. Other department members assist as needed.

The primary goal of this position is to advance the UIC Police Department’s objectives in the community. To achieve these goals, the Community Affairs officer disseminates information describing local community programs provided through the department, and organizes events that further create a mutual relationship between the department and the community.

In 2000, our Community Affairs officer spoke to more than 31,000 faculty, staff, students, hospital patients, community residents, and local grammar school children. The Community Affairs office organized and/or participated in a wide range of youth programs such as the UIC Kids Night soccer program and the Illinois Youth Peace Conference; as well as programs aimed toward the University community, including the Red Car motorized escort service and criminal sexual assault/date rape prevention programs.

Additionally, the university community includes thousands of international students, faculty and visitors, many of whom may be unfamiliar with our customs and/or have difficulties with our language and life-style. Community Affairs devotes considerable time to familiarizing these guests with available services and practical crime prevention techniques. Crime prevention packets, containing information about safety and crime prevention on campus, are available by request through our community affairs officer. The information provided by the Crime Prevention Program often helps visitors better understand and relate to our culture and use common sense crime prevention techniques in their daily lives. Information may be obtained by calling 312-996-6779 or cjmoran@uic.edu

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